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Weathering steel engraving

Weathering steel engraving

The cause of low hardness of weathering steel sculpture and preventive measures

Heat treatment of weathering steel sculptures includes preparation heat treatment, final heat treatment and surface enhancement solution. General heat treatment defects refer to the weathering steel plate sculpture works in the final heat treatment process or in the subsequent production process and the application process to draw out a variety of defects, such as quenching crack, deformation deviation, hardness can not, metal material laser cutting processing crack, drilling cracks, weathering steel plate sculpture works of pre-destruction, etc..
1, tempering treatment temperature is too low: important due to the production process set temperature improper, temperature controller deviation, loading furnace or into the cooling tank improper way caused by, should adjust the production process temperature, maintenance strength calibration temperature controller cell phone software, loading furnace weathering steel sculpture works spacing effective placement of uniform, loosening into the tank, forbidden to deposit or bundle into the tank cooling.

2, tempering treatment temperature is too high: this is caused by the production process set temperature improper or temperature controller deviation, when adjusting the production process temperature, maintenance strength calibration temperature controller cell phone software.

3, over heat treatment: This is caused by the heat treatment temperature is set too high, temperature controller deviation or temperature control is too high when the adulteration burn, when adjusting the production process temperature, repair strength calibration temperature controller cell phone software, not too high over set temperature control put in.

4, cooling improper: the reason is the weathering steel sculpture pre-cooling time is too long, cooling chemical substances improper selection, tempering treatment chemical substances temperature gradually high and cooling characteristics reduced, mixing poor or out of the tank temperature is too high institutions, to avoid preventive measures: announced, into the tank, etc. to fast; grasp the tempering treatment chemical substances cooling characteristics; oil temperature 60 ~ 85 ℃, temperature below 35 ℃, when the tempering treatment volume is large and thus When the cooling chemical heats up, the cooling tempering treatment chemical should be added again or changed to another cooling tank cooling, and the agitation of the developing freezing liquid is taken out at Ms+50℃.
5, nitriding: this is caused by the weathering steel sculpture of the raw material remaining decarburization layer or tempering treatment heating, preventive measures for predictable atmosphere heating, salt bath heating, vacuum sintering furnace, box furnace using loading maintenance or application of air oxidation industrial coatings, machine cutting speed up 2 ~ 3mm.

Weathering steel specification

Product Name

weather resistance steel plate

ASTM standard

Corten A/Corten B/A588 GR A /A588 GR.B /A242

EN standard

S355J0W / S355J2W / S355J0WP/ S355J2WP/ S355K2G1W /S355K2G2W

JIS standard

G3125 SPA-H/ SPA-C; G3114 SMA400AW/ BW / CW; G3114 SMA490AW /BW

GB standard



rust or as customer's requirements


3-100mm or as required


200-3000mm or as required


1000-6000mm or as required

Export packing

Steel strips package or seaworthy packing



Weathering steel chemical composition


Weathering steel physical properties

GradeYield Strength (MPa)Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)
ASTM A242 TP134548021
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